Our Brands

Understanding the desires of current customers and trends in dining and entertainment, the marketing team at Isle of Capri Casinos has developed a portfolio of brands that are both unique and adaptable to a variety of locations. The portfolio of Isle of Capri registered trademarks provides us with a wealth of well-recognized brands from the classic Lady Luck Casino to a variety of dining experiences, slot products and promotional programs. The widespread distribution of properties and the relationships with key vendors opens the door to efficiencies in entertainment bookings, joint promotions and company-wide events.

Isle Casino®
It’s the smile on your face when you hand your keys to the valet. Walk inside and boom! The lights, the action, the sounds of gaming excitement. It’s the sparkle and shine around every corner. The sizzle of that big fat steak or the giant slice of pie. It’s the handshakes, high-fives and hellos from your friends and the Isle team members. It’s all the little things that make you feel like a winner and remind you that you’re at Isle.

Lady Luck® Casino
An iconic gaming brand reborn. The Lady Luck brand may prove to be one of the most well-timed and intuitive brand revitalizations in the history of the industry. Lady Luck is a comfortable, fun, easy going and value oriented operation that transcends the everyday casino experience. One of the many hallmarks of the success represented by this ubiquitous brand is its ability to create a personality that can co-exist harmoniously in any area across the country.

Isle of Capri® Casino
From great dining at great prices to competitive offers and the games everyone wants to play for a long time. It’s all the things that create fun. It’s the promise we make to you. And the promise that’s delivered throughout each and every property.

Farmer’s Pick Buffet®
Local. Fresh. Flavorful. With more than 6,100 farmers’ markets across the country, our new Farmer’s Pick Buffet brand uses locally grown items including produce, meat and eggs, to provide guests with true farm-to-fork dining.

Where quality and value are center of the plate, at a price that won’t empty your wallet. Inspired by the classic steakhouses and grill rooms of American cuisine, our menu of items takes the spotlight and excites all of the senses.

Otis & Henry’s® Bar and Grill
A restaurant concept that is right on the money. Knowing customers are mindful of every dollar spent and yet still desire a high perceived value, Otis & Henry’s offers what customers want most – great regional comfort food, great portions and great prices. Initially launched at Lady Luck Casino in Caruthersville, MO, Otis & Henry’s has since been expanded to Waterloo, Iowa and Lake Charles, LA with plans on opening three more outlets in the near future.

The Lone Wolf®
Leave your inhibitions at the door. At the end of any day, everyone is looking for an escape. Whether it’s listening to the hottest local bands and DJs, or an all-you-can-eat round of your favorite bar foods and an ice-cold beverage, The Lone Wolf will be calling you. Launched in Caruthersville, MO, this bar concept grabbed a quick foothold in the picturesque towns of Kansas City, Missouri and Vicksburg, Mississippi, transforming a little-used space into a focal point of excitement hosting marquee acts, local bands, pool tournaments and more.

Kitt’s Kart®
A legacy updated. With a nod to the legacy Kitt’s Kitchen & Rum Mill once found at a variety of Isle of Capri properties, the Company reinvigorated a lost concept and fulfilled a need of guests – quick food on the floor. Kitt’s Kart serves a variety of “handheld” foods, from hot dogs to freshly carved roasted meat sandwiches and award-winning gumbo. Presently located in three properties, plans are to continue introduction of this concept across the distribution of properties.

Exclusive at Isle, Isle of Capri and Lady Luck Casinos! Customers get excited to play our branded punch & win casino promotion, Emotimania® – The Happy Punchboard Game. Winners get to choose their emoticon to reveal their prize; prizes could vary from casino free play, cash, food or a wide variety of prizes and gifts.

Jester’s Jam®
Headline entertainment at its best, the Jester’s Jam Concert Series began in the spring of 2010 at six Isle of Capri Casinos properties; in 2011 it was featured at eight. In that time, more than 75,300 people have enjoyed performances by a variety of top musical acts including .38 Special, The Commodores, Randy Travis, Air Supply and Ronnie Milsap.

Wave® Satisfaction Research
Delivering an exceptional entertainment experience for our guest's demands that we get closer to our customers and build lasting relationships by utilizing strategic research to set goals and measure our progress. Through our company’s WAVE program, we are able to survey players in each of our operating markets in 26 key attributes of customer experience. The WAVE research has consistently shown that our customers are seeking an experience that is clean, safe, friendly and fun. Isle of Capri Casinos Inc.’s strategic plan was designed to effectively deliver all of these experiences at each of our properties, with the goal of becoming the leader in each of our markets.

Gaming enthusiasts have many options when choosing which casino to visit. Often, they will return to those that feature their favorite slots, serve their favorite foods and have a comfortable place for them to rest at night. Casino guests, like any consumer, also appreciate businesses with employees who remember their name. To help ensure that we are the place they choose to visit, Isle of Capri Casinos Inc. designed and implemented Ampersand. An enterprise-wide database, Ampersand allows us to become more knowledgeable about our guests and provide them with enhanced player experiences based on their gaming preferences. In addition, a notification system within Ampersand gives us an opportunity to improve customer service and build relationships by welcoming guests almost immediately upon their arrival.

Louisiana State Poker Championship®
Louisiana State Poker Championship® is a Texas Hold ’em poker tournament held at Isle of Capri Casino Hotel® Lake Charles. The event brings in the world’s best poker players and features celebrities at the event.